“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” OSCAR WILDE

Opened in 2004

Situated on the very beach line of the fine-sanded golden shore of the Sunny Beach resort – with unhindered view of the pure blue waters of the Black Sea – Hotel Dune provides a truly incompa-rable summer holiday destination. Set against the natural beauty of Bulgaria’s maritime territory, our delightful hotel offers a breath taking experience for all individual and family vacationers.

Renovated in 2018

Indulge in a hotel experience with some of the finest amenities and features. Try the comfort of our guest suites and rooms. Spend the best summer days around our swimming pool or on the delicate sand of the hotel’s private beach. Enjoy activities like swimming, snorkelling, boating, jet skiing, parasailing and surfing. Hotel Dune is your family’s gateway to the best recreation in the Sunny Beach resort.